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About me

About Lindsey:

Hey there! I am a quirky, 23 year old photographer. I really love The White Stripes, my favorite store is Modcloth, and I have a strange obsession with foxes. I am a graduate of the culinary program at UT & Pellissippi, so my passions are both food & photography. I work as a chef as my day job, so I'm a pretty busy lady! I am very blessed to be able to do both of my passions in life. 

I strive to have a creative outlet, both with food & photography. Photography for me isn't about money, it's about art. There isn't anything more satisfying than knowing that I've created something beautiful. There's some strange joy that comes over me when I click the shutter & know that I've composed something beautiful. I love capturing life's little moments, memories that you'll cherish. I adore capturing laughter and raw emotion, things that you can't pose. 

I've been published multiple times, the first time when I was 14. Somebody I went to church with contacted the Daily Times and said, "Hey, this little girl is really good at taking pictures." So they did a story on me. It was pretty interesting but they misspelled my name. Bummer. I went on to do pictures for the yearbook in high school, and decided to go to culinary school since I figured I would never make any money doing this. So after learning how to julienne cut peppers and take apart chickens, I decided to pursue being a chef & be a photographer at the same time! For the past two years, I've been pursuing my dream. With 350+ shoots, 17 weddings, and a whole lot of shutter clicks later, I've been published in Surreal Beauty magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Retro Lovely, Shutterbug Magazine, AP Magazine, and featured in several online publications including Best Boudoir, Uncovered Magazine, and Sensual Side.